'As a 20-year resident of Pinecrest, I consider this my home. I grew up here. I went to high school at our very own Gulliver Prep. I was a four-year letterman on the golf team and an honors student. I played division one college golf in California before turning professional and finishing school at nearby University of Miami. I traveled the world playing professional golf in South America, Australia, and Europe, not to mention across most of the fifty states.

After my playing career, I decided it was time to grow deep roots into my home state of Florida. I became the director of business development for one of the largest agriculture companies in the country, Frey Farms, with the intent of growing operations and business in Florida. We did just that. With thousands of new acres of fresh and organic produce being cultivated in our great state, we created hundreds of jobs and helped bring new lines of business to the farming communities of rural Florida, while protecting and preserving our environment.

I also decided it was time to become more committed to our community and help Florida causes. I was selected as a board member of the Florida House, our State Embassy in Washington D.C. As an active board member of the state embassy, I work hard to help Floridians have a voice in Washington. We have worked to shed light on our environmental causes, small business needs, cultural awareness, and development of the arts.

I have also become very engaged in philanthropic causes that directly effect our local community in Miami and even more locally here in Pinecrest. I chaired and hosted an event for Operation Underground Railroad at Fairchild gardens and raised over 150,000 dollars to save children from the sex slave trade that takes place in our very own ports here in Miami. I work closely with Miami based Best Buddies to help children with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn the skills needed to join the work force and become productive members of society. I helped fundraise for Gifts in Golf, a local non-profit community program that teaches children with autism and Down syndrome how to play golf and creates confidence in their ability to participate in group activities.

I feel now as though it is time to become active at the hyper local level and run for the position of village council member for seat four here in Pinecrest. Having experience in Florida business, agriculture, and politics, I bring a unique set of skills that are both necessary and vital to protecting the heritage and beauty of our hometown. This is an unpaid position. I am not doing it for money, I am not doing it for business. I am doing it because I love my hometown and I want to give back to it in the best way that I know how.

Pinecrest is truly one of the jewels of Miami. In the middle of all of the hustle, bustle, and madness of the big city, Pinecrest has managed to keep its hometown and local feel since its incorporation. It has lost this as of late however and I strongly believe this is due to a weakened police force. As a community, we have fought to preserve the qualities that have given Pinecrest it's outstanding reputation for being clean, green, and safe! The safe part however has waned. We have some of the top public schools in the nation. We have more green space per capita than most of the communities in south Florida. We have our local farmers market at Pinecrest Gardens and we have thriving small businesses. We can’t continue to grow and enhance these wonderful qualities if don’t keep them safe.

Although we have great schools now, we must stay ahead of the curve with technology for our students. Although property values are high, we must maintain and reinforce the beautification programs in place to keep those property values high. We are green, but we must protect our parks and our environment with responsible waste and water practices. We have great local small businesses, but if we don't help them by incentivizing them to give quality service and stay in business, then they will be replaced by wholesale retailers and monotonous chains. But most of all, we have been known for a strong police force that has been noticeably lacking in growth and development. This is not the fault of our officers, but rather a council that has allowed false promises, weak leadership, and political agendas to get in the way of our safety and security.

With my unique background in successfully expanding Florida business, working in agriculture, protecting Florida wildlife and conservation efforts, and working to help Floridian’s voices be heard on Capital Hill, I am the candidate who will best represent you right here at home. Together we will nurture the values of wholesome family life and foster the growth of our community spirit. I'm James Field and I'm running for village council, seat 4 with a commitment to community.'

~ James Field