James' Platform

• Strengthen and support our police force to stop crime and the growing epidemic of officer turnover.

• Support police programs that ensure community policing

• Provide the police with the best technology and equipment to proactively fight the rising crime in Pinecrest

• Be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars and stop the frivolous spending on vanity projects while focusing on core infrastructure and beautification to keep up with the communities around us and raise property values

• Start a rainy day or “hurricane rapid response” fund for faster clean up and response post hurricanes.

• Repair our badly broken relationship with FPL so that we can get our power back on line quickly after storms

• Enhance and protect our green space

• Remove red light cameras

• Make city water available to all residents who want it without connection fees

• Support the local and small businesses that we’ve come to love and cherish

• Be readily available to all residents at any time, day or night

Support the Police

James talks about why it's important to support the Pinecrest Police.

Greenspace in Pinecrest

James talks about Pinecrest's beauty and the natural element.

Red Light Cameras

James talks about getting rid of red light cameras and empowering the police department.

Sidewalks in Pinecrest

James talks about sidewalks in Pinecrest